3 Perfect Low-Cost Business Ideas For Introverts

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June 2, 2017
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3 Perfect Low-Cost Business Ideas For Introverts

One of the great things about twenty-first century business is the simple fact that it is much easier to create a successful company as an introvert. A lot of introverts have been traditionally shut out of the business world, which has often rewarded gregarious extroverts who are good at forming connections through networking.

Introverts will have to rely purely on their own skills in many cases when they decide to start forming their businesses. However, there are enough low-cost business ideas for introverts out there that many of them should be able to make it work. Many of these ideas require a great deal of persistence and dedication. Still, people are finding a way to make it happen all the time.


A number of people are now drop-shipping through many online retailers. Essentially, they look for discounted items at various stores. Then, they send them to large online retailers that will then ship them out, market the items, and sell them to customers in the usual manner.

When a sale occurs, the person who did the initial drop-shipping will be able to get a portion of the money. The people who do this on a large enough scale are going to make a lot of money just from buying things in stores and then sending them to online retailers.

Obviously, if drop-shipping was easy, everyone would be doing it. There is a lot of skill involved. People need to be good at predicting which items will sell well and which ones will sell quickly. There are also some fees involved with drop-shipping to the larger online retailers. However, people should be able to easily absorb most of these costs, and they can develop skill with recognizing profitable items over time. Drop-shipping is certainly a good choice for the people who prefer to work alone.

Online Sales and Production

There are people who are good at producing goods in their own right. They might be indie fashion designers who also sell their own clothes. They might be interested in selling stuffed animals with unique patterns. They might be interested in selling art. One way or another, there are people who have made a living just doing things online and selling them.

This sort of thing can often be difficult, of course. It does require marketing skill. It tends to work better if people are already monetizing a hobby. However, setting up an online business, in general, will tend to be less expensive than a lot of people might expect. Even people who are selling physical products will tend to spend less if they are primarily operating online compared to their counterparts twenty years ago. Not having to run a brick and mortar store definitely makes a huge difference.

Affiliate Marketing

People might think that marketing always requires a lot of strong social skills and an outgoing nature. However, affiliate marketers are often able to make it work without a great deal of interpersonal communication. They can post content on their websites full of affiliate links, making money based on the agreements that they have with advertisers.

Affiliate marketers will have to work with the advertisers. They will also have to work with freelance writers in a lot of cases in order to make sure that someone is on hand to create the advertising content in the first place. Most affiliate marketers should avoid doing everything themselves. Otherwise, they will get diminishing financial returns.

One way or another, there are people who have become genuinely wealthy as affiliate marketers. It is certainly a career that plenty of people can consider for themselves. They should be passionate about whatever it is that they are planning on marketing. However, as long as they are dedicated to the skill of marketing itself, they should still manage to get ahead one way or another.


Introverts can be just as successful as extroverts. There are plenty of options today for the individuals out there who prefer to work alone. Many of the new jobs require people who are good at putting in time on their own and who can rely on their own skills. Self-sufficient introverts have often learned some of the most important skills in business through experience.

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