Create a Lean, Mean, Dropshipping Empire

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May 31, 2017
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Create a Lean, Mean, Dropshipping Empire

Drop shipping has enabled a lot of people to become hugely successful in a non-traditional manner. There are many different ways to become a drop shipper. Many people choose to use Amazon. Other people use Oberlo and Shopify. It’s a good idea to research the different website options. It takes time to build up a drop shipping business in the first place. People need to find websites that will work for them. However, the Oberlo app and the Shopify website have managed to help a lot of people become very successful.

Deciding on Products

Some people who are interested in drop shipping will try to more or less distribute everything. However, this might not be the best strategy for everyone. People need to know about the market for several different products if they choose to distribute several different products all at once, and this is going to be difficult for all people to research.

People might be less likely to go to a particular Shopify store if there are lots of different products represented there, in fact. People tend to trust online sellers that are more specialized when they are working independently. Unless people are planning on setting up their own massive online shopping websites, it really is often better to specialize.

Selecting a specific product niche, such as books, can allow people to understand the related market effectively enough. They can devote a lot of time to specifically following the fluctuations of the market. They can learn about all of the intricate aspects of distributing their products of choice. It is possible to build an empire using specific products. A lot of people have managed to do it previously, and they have more or less set the stage for everyone else involved.

It’s important to choose a product that is of personal interest. People who don’t care about books are not going to be good at selling them. People who really are passionate about them are going to be that much better at promoting them, finding them, comparing deals on them, and building an inventory related to them.

Shopify Store

People should remember that when they work on Shopify, they are more or less becoming retail owners in their own right. They need to set up their Shopify stores effectively. Part of this means designing it all well enough. The store needs to be easy enough to navigate, the products need to be presented well enough, and potential customers need to get the impression that the store owner is professional enough.

There are certainly high standards involved here as well. There’s a lot of established competition on Shopify. People actually need to come up with their own logos and themes. Deciding on a logo will be easier for the people who have already settled on a particular product niche. They will also have a comparatively easy time when it comes to picking the theme. People can add products after they have finished setting up their Shopify store and after they have decided on everything related to advertising the store.


People who have already set up their Shopify stores will need to get the Oberlo app installed. From there, they will be able to add the products that they want to sell. This is an app that will make drop shipping of all kinds much easier. This is an app that makes it much easier for the people who are trying to search for available products in the first place. Oberlo is one of the best platforms of its kind, and a lot of people have been able to benefit from it.


Some people believe that they can just set up their Shopify stores and the revenue will start pouring in, but this is obviously not the case. A Shopify store is still a store. People will still need to market it in the manner of a more conventional store. It often takes some time for people to be able to really get ahead in a business like this. However, launching a drop shipping empire with Shopify and Oberlo is still something that people can do today, and it has helped a lot of people more or less create jobs for themselves.

Final Thoughts

It’s certainly possible for people to create effective Shopify stores that will really allow them to promote the products in their niches. Deciding on preferred niche products initially is an important part of the process. People also need to be able to choose a solid theme and logo for the Shopify store. Once they figure out all of those details, they can use Oberlo to get the products that they need, and they can start marketing the store. Most of the details should fall into place.

Looking for further information? The following Amazon book package gives a step by step approach and how to guide for anyone to implement their own dropshipping store with Oberlo and Shopify

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